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2022 Annual Report
2022 is the year we celebrate our 25th anniversary of banking services. I would like to thank our Board of Directors and the entire bank team whose dedication to our stakeholders and clients has allowed us to sustain the company’s growth. We are pleased to share an extraordinarily strong year of earnings for December 31, 2022. Net income for the year amounted to Php1.311 billion in 2022 compared to Php1.168 billion in 2021.
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2021 Annual Report
Through another year of extraordinary circumstances, our associates and colleagues proved once again that their dedication to our values of putting clients first, acting with integrity, valuing independence and thinking long term not only guides us through uncertain conditions, but enables us to thrive.
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2020 Annual Report
When Philippine Business Bank started its operations in 1997, PBB's purpose is to support the financial well-being of our clients, the community, and to provide strength in uncertain times.
This year has been extremely challenging for many of our clients, the economy and the Philippine community at large - initially due to Taal Volcano eruption that covered many towns in ash, displaced thousands in the southern Tagalog region, and disrupted the bustling tourism hub surroundingthe volcano and Taal Lake; the devasting typhoons that hit the different parts of the Philippines which caused massive flooding in several regions; and due to the Corona virus pandemic which triggered a record number of job losses and business closures.
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2019 Annual Report
During our 22-year history, banking has changed in profound ways — the new technologies, products andservices made available in the last 10 years alone. Nevertheless, the PBB way of doing business has also evolved. To keep pace with the current trends, PBB serves with flexibility and adaptability. We appreciate the opportunity to be of value through the kind relationships we have built with our clients along the way.
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2018 Annual Report
In 2018, the country faced a number of challenges. inflationary concerns due in part to the surge in the prices of rice were persistent throughout the year. In response to inflationary concerns, the nation saw a rapid increase in interest rates especially in the last quarter of the year.
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2017 Annual Report
In February 2017, we celebrate 20 years of Philippine Business Bank. From a solitary Caloocan Branch in 1997 to 142 branches today, we reflect on how fast time flies, especially with the hard work and sacrifices we have had to make to reach our goals. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who have trusted us through the years. PBB will not be where it is today without your continued support to the Bank. We look forward to more years of continued partnership as we go hand in hand in growing PBB.
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2016 Annual Report
As we celebrate 19 years of MAKING THINGS HAPPEN...TODAY, Philippine Business Bank deeply appreciates the way individuals, corporates and SMEs have welcomed PBB into their lives, homes and businesses. As the rise in number of the young entrepreneurs and growing affluence in the Philippines, PBB helps diversify the economy towardsmore sustainable growth. We believe that supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is a basic anchor for sustainable economic growth - due to their potential in driving job creation, innovation, and exports. PBB aims to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the banking industry, and facilitate business opportunities for the country's SMEs.
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2015 Annual Report
I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of everyone at Philippine Business Bank, to express my deepest appreciation to our clients, employees, investors and partners who have believed in us and supported us over the past year as we embarked on our journey as a public company. read more »
2014 Annual Report
As another year ends and a new year starts, we reflect on how quickly time has passed, especially with the hard work undertaken to reach the goals that each one of us; individuals, businesses and organizations, had set for themselves. read more »
2013 Annual Report
2013 was a good year for the Philippine banking system. It has been healthy and stable. Total resources grew more than sevenfold to P8.1 trillion in the first quarter of 2013 from P1.1 trillion in 1993. Nevertheless, we can say that 2013 was also a very good year for Philippine Business Bank. Shares in Philippine Business Bank (PBB), the first company to go public this year, surged on its debut in the Philippine Stock Exchange on February 19, 2013. read more »
2012 Annual Report
2012 marks Philippine Business Bank's 15th year in the Philippine banking industry. While still in its early stages of banking operations, PBB has surpassed expectations through significant achievements and continuing expansions in branch network nationwide. By all indications, PBB is fast moving to the next level in banking, at the same time remaining ever true to its firm commitment to serve small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and stand as a prime mover in their business growth and stability. read more »
2011 Annual Report
Fiscal 2011 marked another year of great success for Philippine Business Bank. Despite a business and economic landscape in the country that remained challenging, we recorded our 14th year of study growth. The Bank's flexibility and stability showed a corporate identity that reflects both our passion and commitment to make a difference in the banking industry. read more »
2010 Annual Report
Philippine Business Bank continued to expand, get better and serve even more customers in 2010. As part of our thrust to sustain our growth and enhance our value to clients and shareholders alike, we have implemented a value chain strategy that incorporates our accomplishments in the past and our plan for the future. Thus, we designed the cover to depict strength and excellence represented by three-dimensional grpahics that are steadily rising. read more »
2009 Annual Report
For Philippine Business Bank, the year 2009 was a year of unprecedented expansion. The Bank opened 16 new branches in different key areas across the country, bringing to 48 the total number of branches nationwide. Moreover, the Bank complemented this physical expansion with the offering of new products and services that will better meet the ever-increasing needs of its growing clientele. Indeed, going nationwide, complete with new products and services, has been the thrust of the Bank for 2009. read more »
2008 Annual Report
Philippine Business Bank is in the midst of a new and exciting phase. Coming off a banner 2008, the Bank has implemented changes that promise better things and make the Bank more prepared to meet the challenges of the future. With a new president, new branches, strong work force and a new logo coupled with a more aggressive marketing strategy, Philippine Business Bank is definitely off to a fresh start and is poised to make its mark in the local banking industry. read more »
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