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PBB Continues to Support the SMEs

Mr. Rolando R. Avante, Vice Chairman and President/CEO of Philippine Business Bank (PBB) has reiterated to sustain lending to the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) amid challenges brought by COVID-19, likening it to an oxygen support system for a patient.

According to Mr. Avante, "If we are going to restart the Philippine economy, the need for businesses to survive will be the key and the banking sector will have to do its share in reaching to these accounts. We are all in this together and it is going to require as many financial institutions, banks and lenders working to help our country's small business get the capital they need to persevere."

PBB has continued to support the SMEs by providing access to financial and business support services. For 24 years, the bank has remained committed to this call while continuously strengthening its core business through expanding its branch network and portfolio. PBB now has 159 branches and 4 branch lite offices.

It is no surprise that banks like PBB are better positioned to service their clients efficiently amidst COVID-19. PBB has established relationships with clients, can be nimble and operate through a relationship banking model, has deep personal knowledge of clients and the communities they serve, which in turn allows faster and more efficient engagement.

With its vision of being the lender of choice by the SMEs, PBB aims to help the progress of more local businesses, and is also engaging in more activities which will also extend loans to provincial areas. Being also a part of its social corporate responsibility, these efforts are a way to help uplift the plight of the entrepreneurs in the remote areas of the country.


~ Judith C. Songlingco ~


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